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Default will sports star allegedly marry Rachel Uchitel in event of a divorce

will sports star allegedly marry Rachel Uchitel in event of a divorce

Ever since last November when the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal was made public, there has been non stop speculation about everything surrounding the golfer and his wife Elin. Rachel Uchitel was the first woman to be named as an alleged mistress at the beginning of the scandal. According to a new report, a source alleges that the golf star is planning to marry Uchitel after a divorce from his current wife, and mother to his two children.

As Showbiz Spy states of the initial report by the National Enquirer, a source alleges of the couple: "For now, they keeping their relationship low key, but once his divorce from Elin is final, they plan to get married. He told Elin that he loves Rachel, and they had screaming fights about it with Elin shouting, no way my children will start looking Cheap authentic jerseys at that t as their stepmother! I WON have it! official confirmation as to whether the couple has decided to divorce has not been made as of yet. Despite many reports alleging that the couple is on that path, there is no official word. Do you think that if Woods is in fact getting a divorce that he will marry anyone?

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39, From the emails he sent RU I've always believed they had more than a casual sexual relationship like it was with all the others.

I think Uchitel understood that a huge sexual appetite is a basic part of his nature. She accepted this about him, did not judge or try to change it and probably encouraged his "play" while still giving him access to her body.

They met June 09 the scandal broke the end of Nov. So they got mighty tight, mighty quick. Tiger felt like he could talk to this woman and he made 2 deadly mistakes: I think he discussed his wife and the state of his marriage and he also Elite nfl jerseys said those "3 little words". And Rachel? Clever, clever Rachel has electronic proof.

Tiger is planning to marry one of his whore??? No one, even Tiger Woods, can be such a monumental fool, although he Wholesale nfl jerseys already has been one! Could this be what Uglitel extorted from Tiger for her silence; marriage and a baby??? What information does she have about Tiger that is worth that much? No child deserves to have such a whore for mother!!! Tiger Woods will be making the second biggest mistake of his life; the first was destroying his marriage and family by living a sordid adulterous life!!! Tiger certainly will be finished and he will be the laughing stock of the world if he marries this whore or any of his ex mistresses, since all these women are nothing but promiscuous, immoral, shameless prostitutes. If he does, then Tiger Woods will receive a taste of his own medicine when his next whore wife cheats on him with every man she sees. Maybe this is after all what he deserves so go ahead Tiger, put the last nail on Wholesale nfl jerseys your own coffin and RIP!!!

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